Adaptive interface
Adaptive interface

Adaptive interface

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Choosing a system for applicants tracking and recruitment automation is not an easy task.

The Problem

Candidates are spread between different channels and databases.

The Solution

One database for everything. Save candidates from LinkedIn, Email, job boards via 1-click integration.
Import from Excel files. Migrate your database from your previous ATS instantly. Or, we’ll do it for you in 3 days.

Recruitment services and tools are separated so loose time on switching.

In your CleverStaff account you can:
Search new candidates on LinkedIn and external websites
Send Emails to anyone
Sync your interviews and tasks with Google & Outlook Calendar.

Administrative and routine work take too many time.

Boost your efficiency and save time via auto-reports, recruitment
pipeline, smart search & import, integrations and other. All you need is
one tool.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the data I need: candidates’ history,
messages, vacancies, users..

CleverStaff keeps all your data structured: candidates’ history, vacancies, users, interviews, tasks, messaging, and many other.
Lost your data? We will back up the system if you need.

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